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Landmarks of Kailua include Kailua Beach, Lanikai Beach, Mount Olomana, Kawainui Marsh, Po’poia (Flat Island) and the Mokulua Islands. You can bike around Kailua town and visit our shopping districts with their unique boutiques and restaurants or cycle to Lanikai or Kailua Beach Park, all within a short distance. Approximately three miles of bike paths are found along Kailua and Lanikai Beach as well as a marsh front levi-trail, offering great bird watching and stunning views of untouched wetlands. Cycling is the best way to get around Kailua, Hawaii!


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Bike Rentals

Kailua is a great town to explore by bicycle with rolling hills and miles of bike paths. Located 12 miles outside of Waikiki, Kailua is home to some of the most beautiful and photographed beaches in the world.

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Bike rentals include the use of bike helmets and bike locks, free of charge. Bike Rental rates shown are for one-speed beach cruisers. Hawaii’s beach towns are generally flat and Kailua is no exception. A small hill at the entrance to Lanikai neighborhood is the only incline in the town. We carry both large and small frame bikes (minimum height 4′, minimum age 13) making this a great activity for the family vacation. Bikes can be delivered to your B&B or vacation rental in Kailua- free of charge for rentals of three days or more.

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