Snorkeling the reefs off Kailua and Lanikai Beach is a unique experience not to be missed. Lanikai Beach is exceptional for beginners due to the proximity of the living coral reef to the soft white sand beach lapped by shallow, calmer water. Kailua Bay is a protected Ocean Recreation Management Area and a Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, or Honu, feeding grounds.


Snorkel set

1/2 day $15
full day $19

Snorkel + Mask + Fins

+ Multi-Day Pricing

24-Hours $19 9 Days $53
2 Days $25 10 Days $55
3 Days $30 11 Days $57
4 Days $34 12 Days $58
5 Days $39 13 Days $59
6 Days $43 2 Weeks $60
1 Week $47 3 Weeks $72
8 Days $50 1 Month $77

Rent a snorkel set for a half day or keep it for the week, including mask, snorkel and fins! We provide a variety of Sea Sport snorkel equipment including dry snorkels, silicon masks and floating fins. Sizes range from a Child’s 1 to adult 15. We now offer corrective lenses for those who wear eye glasses! Come try them on to find your prescription.

Snorkel Gear For Sale Our Kailua Beach Shop is a US Divers Swim Center, featuring the latest snorkel sets, swim goggles, swim fins, masks and anti-fog.

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full face

1 day $29

Full Face MAsk + Snorkel + Fins

+ Multi-Day Pricing

24-Hours $29 6 Days $90.50
2 Days $36.40 1 Week $95
3 Days $53.04 2 Weeks $127.40
4 Days $67.60 3 Weeks $150
5 Days $79.30 1 Month $162

The Full Face Mask’s are now available to purchase and rent in our shop! Masks are equipped with a built in snorkel and include fins. The full-face design has many advantages over a traditional snorkeling mask. You can breath with both your nose and mouth under water. This is what our bodies are acclimatized to do on land. The design eliminates the mouthiece, making it clean and user friendly.

+ More Benefits

  • Increases the view angle up to 180 degrees.
  • Drastically reduced fogging (compared to a normal snorkeling mask).
  • Dry Top technology stops water from entering into the mask through the snorkel.
  • Built in safety valves, in case of water seeping into the mask.


The full face designs do not work well for poeple that want to dive down more than 10ft, as the pressure becomes strong. They are also not recomended for long sessions (more than 40 min) without removing them to allow C02 buildup to release.


Kailua Beach Experience

adult (13 and up) $79
child (3-12) $70

hotel pick-up + Snorkel + Boogie board + Lunch

Enjoy a laid back day of self guided beach activities in Kailua Bay!

Includes: snorkeling, boogie boarding, beach mats, a hot lunch, locker rental and hotel pick-up.

+ Itinerary

  • 7:30-8:30

    Pick up from Waikiki

  • 9:30

    Check-In & Briefing At Our Shop

  • 9:30-2:45

    Beach Time & Lunch (Snorkeling, Bodyboarding, bicycling, etc)

  • 3:00

    Van Departs Back to Waikiki

    Arrive back around 4pm

**vehicle drop offs directly at the beach are prohibited so prepare for short to medium walks.


Honu are endangered and protected animals that spend their days swimming around the shallow reefs and eating Limu, or seaweed, off the rocks. These creatures should not be touched and care should be given not to disturb their natural routine. While they are feeding and active, sea turtles must come up to breathe every couple of minutes and can often be spotted by the keen and quiet observer. Calmer days, with less wind, allow for better visibility and therefore a better chance at spotting turtles and tropical fish. Hawaii is home to hundreds of endemic fish species including the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, Hawaii’s State fish. Kailua also has healthier coral, in more of its natural state, than places like Hanauma Bay that see over 1 million visitors per year. Kailua and Lanikai Beaches are considered to be two of the most beautiful beaches in the world, graced with the softest white sand and vibrant turquoise water.