Shopping in Kailua

Shopping in Kailua Town

Kailua town is a unique shopping district with international styles, beachwear, and locally owned boutiques. Hawaiian and traditional crafts are the most popular souvenirs as well as Kailua t-shirts and apparel. Recently many boutiques have opened in Kailua and have created a greater presence of fashion, much different from the usual shirt-shorts-slippers dress code that locals are used to. Kailua has a great selection of products from casual swimwear to elegant evening wear. Whether its upscale fashions or down to earth threads, Kailua has a shop or two for you. Below are just a few of the local boutiques in Kailua!

Kailua Beach Adventures

At Kailua Beach Adventures, we have have a wide selection of products for you in and out of the water! We have everything you need for a fun day at the beach and a Kailua lifestyle. See what we have in our store today!

Twin Islands Surf Co.

Twin Islands Surf Company

Kailua is full of amazing stories, and Twin Islands Surf Co. is one of them. Started by Mike Miller in honor of his brother, this boutique shop in the heart of Kailua town has some of the most original Kailua and Lanikai themed beach gear we’ve ever seen. High quality shirts and apparel are adorned with the Twin Islands original logo. Great gifts for family members, and also a great way to remember your trip to Kailua.

Fighting Eel

Fighting Eel Kailua

Fighting Eel is a well known boutique throughout Japan. With clean lines and a commitment to quality and simplicity, you are sure to find some wardrobe staples here. Fighting Eel embodies the carefree spirit and effortless fashion that Hawai`i has perfected for years.

Global Village

Global Village Kailua

A Kailua family run boutique that opened in 1995 and reflects Kailua’s community lifestyle. Global Village is filled with apparel, handcrafted local  jewelry, fashion jewelry, gifts, and, accessories from various locations. This shop puts a focus on its products from Hawai`i designers, small businesses, eco-minded businesses, and businesses that contribute a portion of their profits to charitable and fair trade organizations.


Mahina Boutique Kailua

Mahina is a family owned company that originally started on Maui and has locations throughout the Hawaiian islands with a boutique in the heart of Kailua. Mahina is the perfect stop for island-style high fashion with a large selection of breezy dresses, chic tops, and trendy jewelry.


Manuheali’i Kailua Store

Manuheali’i is a family-owned Hawaiian clothing company. Manuheali`i strives to reflect the ties to Hawaiian culture and people through ever-changing designs. It is a humble mission to continue to create Hawaiian clothing that evokes the spirit of Hawai`i and inspires clear feelings of aloha.



Vacation Rentals are becoming ever popular in Kailua, with more and more people looking to escape the crowds of Waikiki. While Kailua does not have any hotels or resorts, hundreds of options from quaint B&B’s to Lanikai’s luxury mansions can be found to accommodate your stay in Kailua. Anything with-in walking distance to Kailua or Lanikai Beach is ideal and will allow for an easy drive or bike ride into Kailua’s downtown shopping district. The next thing you should do after renting your accommodation, is rent bicycles! Kailua is the perfect town to bike around.

The only way to catch a sunrise like this in Hawaii is by staying the night in Kailua. You wont have to climb to the top of a volcano, just stroll down one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The sun rises through the Mokulua Islands and displays a show that is worthy of a family photo and a fresh cup of Kona coffee. Equipment Rentals, including Kayaks, Bikes, Surfboards, Stand Up Paddle Boards, and snorkel gear, can be delivered to a residence or vacation rental in Lanikai or along Kailua Beach for no extra charge (minimum three day rental). Also pick up snorkel sets and boogie boards for a multi-day or week long rental!